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About Maruja

Already establishing a growing reputation as one of the most exciting live acts on the UK underground circuit, gaining support from the likes of Glastonbury, NME, SoYoung Magazine and BBC 6 Radio music, Maruja’s run of sold out shows continue to dazzle fans across the UK and Europe.

Maruja is an evocative force that transports listeners to a world of diversity and gritty realism. Improvisation provides the backbone of Maruja’s compositions, compelling instrumentation and culturally relevant lyrics speak in tongues; creating a myriad of whispered secrets.

For the better part of a decade, they have relentlessly honed their craft, pouring over every note with a precision that borders on the obsessive. It is not just a passion that drives them but rather an all-consuming need, a force that compels them to create and perform with a visceral intensity that is both electrifying and terrifying.

– credit Red Dog Music